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Finding Coverage During Job Loss

Finding Coverage During Job Loss 

We’re all facing an uncertain future, but for many employer groups this is a particularly anxious time. We have resources for groups and members, including those members who may be facing job loss and the loss of their employer-sponsored health insurance. 

There are affordable, high-quality options available to members beyond COBRA. Families and individuals can enroll in free or low-cost New York state-sponsored health insurance plans—including plans available through Excellus BCBS. 

  • The Essential Plan, at $0 or $20 a month 
  • Qualified Health Plans, with premium tax credits for those who qualify 
  • Medicare plans for those working past age 65
  • Other free or low-cost NY State sponsored plans for individuals and children

Two things to keep in mind:

  • Employees have 60 days from the date of a qualifying life event (such as job loss or the loss of employer-sponsored health insurance) to enroll in a new plan.
  • If there are employees who didn’t have coverage in 2020 (such as part-time employees who didn’t qualify for employer-sponsored coverage), the deadline for the Special Enrollment Period for Qualified Health Plans has been extended until May 15 due to COVID-19. 

We're providing a toolkit you can download that will help guide you and your employees through the options available. Once downloaded, click on the file that says “Read Me First.” 

Individual Coverage Options Toolkit

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