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Dental Checkups And A Healthy Smile? You’re Covered!

Did you know that adults born between 1946 and 1964 (baby boomers) are the first generation where the majority of people will keep their natural teeth for their entire lifetime? This is largely because of the fluoride in water and in toothpaste. Oral health is essential to general health and wellbeing. It affects our ability to eat, speak, smile, and show emotions. It also impacts self-esteem and attendance at work.

Despite improvements in oral health, one in four working age adults currently has cavities, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Gum disease, tooth loss, and oral cancer also affect many adults and significantly impact overall health and quality of life. In addition to impacting quality of life, poor oral health has a proven link to heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy problems, and many other medical conditions.

For optimal oral health, adults should see their dentist at least every six months for a cleaning and exam. A dentist can spot the signs of many medical conditions during the exam and recommend follow-up with a doctor.

Download our Dental Hygiene Toolkit (ZIP) to help support employees which includes:

  • Dental Checkup flyer and handout
  • Tips for a Healthy Smile flyer

Dental Hygiene Toolkit (ZIP)


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