Improved Bill Pay & Invoice - Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the improvements be available?  Bill Pay and Invoice improvements for Groups will roll out in early 2021. Improvements will be staggered with online bill pay first and invoice redesign later.

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Employer Groups

  • Existing online bill pay account users do not need to do anything and will continue to have access to view and pay premium bills. 
  • Groups that do not currently have bill pay will have a process to request access.
  • Any user with access will be able to pay any subgroup.


  • Brokers do not initially have access (expected later in 2021).

For scheduled automatic premium payments, there is nothing you need to do.  They will continue to debit from the designated account each month.

The ability to update or change payment preferences and/or automatic premium payments will be temporarily unavailable for 1-2 weeks as we get ready to implement these changes.

At this time credit card premium payment is not available.

The ability to provide third party billing access for Brokers is not yet available, but it is expected to be later in 2021.

Taking into consideration customer feedback, the invoice is being redesigned to be easier to use.
Invoices due in March 2021 will feature:

  • A cleaner, simpler design 
  • Addition of enrollment code 
  • Upgraded summary section, including previous payment info
  • Visual cues for retroactivity
  • Addition of number of contracts and total number of members

And, whether the invoice is via mail or online - the invoice will look the same!

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